03 Reproducible Research


Miklós Koren

Miklós teaches reproducible coding practices to economists to help them maximize their scientific impact. He believes in the command line, plain text, and that every problem can be solved with the right combination of Stata, Python, Julia, git, and make. He is Professor of Economics at Central European University and the Data Editor of the Review of Economic Studies, a leading scientific journal.

03 Reproducible Research

Journals require that you share your code and data in a replication package at the end of your research project. Following some best practices from day 1 can not only help you prepare this package later, but also make you a more productive researcher. In this workshop, we start with an empty folder, and finish with a mini-project about public procurement across various European countries. Together we discuss and document all the choices we make about data collection and analysis, in a way that can help future readers of our research.

You will learn to
  • Document where your data comes from.
  • Automate every step of data cleaning and analysis.
  • Organize your data and code in files and folders.
  • Write helpful documentation.

This course is sponsored by the Research Committee of the European Economic Association.