02 Coding For Economists


Miklós Koren

Miklós teaches reproducible coding practices to economists to help them maximize their scientific impact. He believes in the command line, plain text, and that every problem can be solved with the right combination of Stata, Python, Julia, git, and make. He is Professor of Economics at Central European University and the Data Editor of the Review of Economic Studies, a leading scientific journal.

02 Coding For Economists

This course teaches how to organize data and code on your computer, how to write simple programs in Python to automate tasks, and how to use Stata throughout the steps of the your research process.

You will learn to
  • Understand folder structure. Perform operations in the command line on files in different folders.
  • Automate repeating tasks with Python and Stata scripts, using for loops and functions.
  • Read and write data in various formats in Stata. Explore data and fix common data quality errors.
  • Filter, aggregate, reshape, and combine data for analysis.